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Duplicity Dominance Desire

Recently, I came across on television the classic Antonioni film Blowup – a favorite of mine, with its striking images and photographer protagonist. Somewhat idly, I pulled out my camera and started photographing moments that caught my attention; the subtitled words on the screen added to the power of the images. I was taken with the effect, including the occasional incongruity between the visual and verbal elements of a scene, and began to photograph scenes from other films and television shows – war movies, dramas, even romantic comedies. Grouping the subtitled images from these very different cinematic sources into triptychs, I found that certain common themes emerged, themes of deception and the dangers of truth-telling, of menace, of sex and power and exploitation.

Some of these combinations from Duplicity Dominance Desire have a narrative, others are mysterious, some are disturbing. People lie, they are threatened in order to force out facts or they face consequences for their duplicity; others obsessively seek “the truth.” Women acknowledge the fact of deception or abuse or power imbalance, or they do not. Familiar, beautiful faces are juxtaposed with dark words and painful images, and violence often looms. Dreams and nightmares intertwine just as in the subconscious.

Please click on the triptychs below to enlarge the photographs.